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I am Ready

Army Dad

On the exact date that Gideon, a tough young officer in the IDF, needs to prepare his recruits for a parade, his wife decides to bring their 6-year-old son to the base and leave him there. The clash between this naughty little boy and the military life of the army results in a number of comic and dramatic situations which force Gideon to bridge the gap that has existed for years between his family life and his army career.

2.90$ for 4 days    14.00$


Director: Yifat Hajbi
Scriptwriter: Adam Tzachi
Cinematography: Tsofnat David
Editor: Pazit Weissbaum
Producer: Ayala Zamir Glick
Leading actors: Tal Grushka, Amit Ben Yaakov

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Tags: Family Children and Adolscence Comedy War and Conflict